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Game Information

Climbing Wall Hire is perfect for any type of event. If you are looking to hire a adrenaline fuelled activity our 4 person Climbing Wall is just what you need. The Climbing Wall stands an impressive 7.5m tall and provides a Climbing experience delivered right to your event.

Our wall is a Mobile Climbing Wall. The Xtreme Vortex team will deliver the wall to your location, set it up and staff the activity for the duration of your event providing a climbing experience for all to enjoy.

Climbing Wall Hire is suitable for both adults and children (minimum/maximum weight restrictions apply). There are different climbing challenges across the 4 climbing routes making it perfect for complete beginners to experienced climbers. Sport England describes Rock Climbing as one of the greatest challenges of human strength, skill and endurance and one of the most rewarding sporting activities. There certainly is something to challenge everyone on our Climbing Wall.

Whether you are looking for a Climbing Wall Hire for your Corporate Event, School Activity Day or Summer Family Fun Day our Rock Climbing Wall has never been easier to hire. Simply get in touch with the team and discuss your event requirements and they will be happy to help.

Mobile Climbing Wall  (4 Person) Key Points

  • Automatic Belay Climbing System – The Climbing Wall has a double piston, automatic belay system to control the decent of each rock climber. The auto belay system ensures each climber descends steadily and safely at all times.
  • Safety Equipment – With every Climbing Wall hire we provide all safety equipment required. We carry plenty of harnesses so there is no time wasted waiting for equipment to be swapped over. We do not use helmets as the advice from the regulatory body is not to use helmets when climbing using an auto belay Climbing Wall.
  • Quality Service – The Climbing Wall hire is supervised at all times by our trained team. We hold public liability insurance and have risk assessments and our staff are first aid trained. The team are smart in appearance and wear our branded uniform so they are visible to all climbers at all times. We are happy to wear your branded uniform or unbranded clothing if you would prefer.


Game Specification

Number Of Climbers4 People
Climber InformationMinimum Weight limit - 23kg (3.5 stone)
Maximum Weight Limit - 114kg (18 stone)
Power RequirementsNone Required for the Climbing Wall hire
Indoor EventsLarge Indoor Venues Only (Typically exhibition centres)
Outdoor EventsYes
Requires Staff2 x Staff Included
Customisation and Activity BrandingYes 'Mobile Climbing Wall Branding/Customisation' below
Climbing Wall Height7.5m
Space RequiredPlease see 'Climbing Wall Access Information' below
Venue AccessVehicle access required please see 'Climbing Wall Access Information' below

Climbing Wall Hire Information for Climbers

How many people can climb the climbing wall at one time?

The Mobile Climbing Wall can be used by 4 climbers at one time.

I have groups that are bigger than 4, how can this be catered for?

Each event is different but having larger group numbers will be no problem at all. Please discuss your Climbing Wall hire requirements with your event manager before booking and they will be able to advise you the best way to manage your group numbers.

What do I need to wear?

While climbing the Mobile Climbing Wall we recommend wearing casual clothes and sensible shoes so you are comfortable while climbing.

Can anyone climb the Mobile Climbing Wall?

All climbers must weigh over 3.5 stone (23kg) and under 18 stone (114kg) and be able to safely fit into a climbing harness.

Is it difficult to climb the Climbing Wall?

We have several different climbing routes on our Mobile Climbing Wall which are suitable for beginners and experienced climbers. Each individual route is made from 2 different coloured hand holds so there is something to challenge everyone. Climbing is a physical sport and each individual will have different abilities, some will find climbing easy and some will find it a little harder, like any sport.

How Tall is the Mobile Climbing Wall?

The Climbing Wall is an exciting 7.5m tall.

Climbing Wall Information for The Hirer

What do I need to provide for a Climbing Wall Hire?

We will need good vehicle access to your venue and the area the Climbing Wall will be located in. Please see our Climbing Wall Access Information as this will give you a guideline for all the requirements for the Climbing Wall hire.

Do I need to provide power for the Climbing Wall?

No, we don’t require any power supply for the Climbing Wall. The Climbing Tower is lifted up using battery power.

Can the Climbing Wall be customised and branded for my event?

Yes we have branding and customisation options for the Climbing Wall hire. You can have large banners placed on either side of the wall. Please see the branding and customisation information for further details.

Climbing Wall Hire Safety Information

How safe is the Mobile Climbing Wall?

Climbing is a sport which carries risks but our Mobile Climbing Wall is safe. It is regularly maintained and our safety equipment is high standard. Our practices and procedures are signed off by a MIC instructor.

Do you provide climbing harnesses?

Yes! We provide harnesses required for climbing.

Do you provide helmets?

When climbing using an Auto Belay it is recommended that helmets are not worn for safety reasons. This may sound strange but let me explain. This is due to the risk involved in a helmet potentially becoming caught on a handhold as the climber descends from the Climbing Wall, if the helmet gets to close to the wall there is a risk of it catching. Helmets are worn out in real climbing situations to protect the climber from falling objects, not something that will be a problem when climbing Mobile Climbing Wall! The advice regarding not wearing helmets is approved recommended by our technical advisors who sign off our climbing practices and safety procedures.

Your Mobile Climbing Wall uses Auto Belays, what are they?

An Auto Belay is a climbing device that controls the decent of the climber to make sure it is done in a controlled and safe way. This means there is not a person involved in controlling the decent of the climber.

How does the weather effect the Climbing Wall hire?

The Mobile Climbing Wall can be used all year round, but there are some weather conditions we can’t operate in. We do have to suspend the operation of the Climbing Wall in heavy rain,  high winds and thunder and lightening.

Climbing Wall Hire Event Types

What can I hire the Climbing Wall for?

The Mobile Climbing Wall is hired for all sorts of events from Corporate Events to School Activity Days. We often find ourselves running the Climbing Wall at Family Fun Days, Wellbeing Days, Team Building Days and running sessions in schools with groups of students. Each event has a different dynamic and the Climbing Wall hire is diverse and can be tailored to suit different event requirements. Just ask the team how the Climbing Wall can work for your event.

Can I hire the Climbing Wall for a School Event?

Yes! We work with many schools providing Climbing experiences to students of all ages.

Can I hire the Climbing Wall for my Family Fun Day?

Yes! We attend many family fun days, especially over the summer. Its a great activity for all the family to get involved in!




The Mobile Rock Climbing Wall will arrive on an 8m long trailer which is towed by a large van. The trailer forms a part of the Climbing Wall structure when it is in use. The vehicle and Climbing Wall does require a large area to move into position and the Climbing Wall and vehicle cannot make any tight turns.


All gates and entrances need to be over 3m wide and 3m high so we can drive the Climbing Wall and vehicle through.


If there are any overhead height barriers or restrictions such as power cables we will need to know about these prior to our arrival to the venue with the Climbing Wall as we may not be able to set it up.


Please discuss all access regarding the Climbing Wall with us before booking as it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure adequate access is available for the Climbing Wall Hire to take place.


When the Mobile Climbing Wall is hired it will require a minimum area of 12m by 12m to operate. This includes the Climbing Wall and safety barriers around the Wall. You will need to consider adequate room for queuing for the activity.


The Mobile Climbing Wall can only be set up on a flat surface, the surface must be level and firm. This can be either hard standing or firm grass. If in doubt on suitable venues or access, please feel free to contact us and we will be able to advise you further.

The Mobile Climbing Wall has some unique features which enable it to have your branding/customisation attached to the Climbing Wall, perfect for advertising, filming,  brand activations and event theming.

The Climbing Wall has banner arms either side of the Climbing Wall allowing a 15 – 20ft banner to be hung in prime position for everyone to see.

Please note that branded banners cannot be used in very windy conditions.

Xtreme Vortex are based on the boarders of Kent and London and our activities are regularly hired for events across the South East and throughout the UK.

Our Mobile Climbing Wall is available for hire in:

  • London
  • Kent
  • Surrey
  • Sussex
  • Suffolk
  • Hampshire
  • Hertfordshire
  • Essex
  • Bedfordshire
  • Oxfordshire
  • Buckinghamshire
  • And throughout the UK



I would to say a big thank you to you and Ashton for Saturday. Both of you were brilliant on the day from setting up, kitting out the users, to backing up at the end of the day. I’m sure you were knackered just like us! You operate a very professional service and we would definitely not hesitate to use your service again.

Family Fun Day, Local Council

Many thanks for bringing your climbing wall to the event, which as we expected proved very popular, and I know was greatly enjoyed by everyone who had a go. I’m sure we will be in contact for any climbing wall requirements, or other activities, at our future events.

Half Marathon, Project Manager