Top Ten Christmas Party Ideas 2019

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Top Ten Christmas Party Ideas 2019

by Lauren Harlin

Christmas Parties are the highlight of the year but if you have been given the task of sourcing the Office Christmas Party Entertainment you are probably looking for some Christmas Entertainment Ideas that will keep the whole team happy. Hiring Christmas Party Entertainment can be a daunting task, hire activities that everyone will enjoy, it’s not an easy task! With lots to organise we want to help take care of your Christmas Party Entertainment so here is our Top 10 Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas.

Top Ten Christmas Party Ideas 2019

10. Bullet Time GIF Photo Booth

The GIF Photo Booth captures a Bullet Time style image. Strike a pose and wait for the camera to slide along the rail and capture bullet style images.

GIF images can be sent via different media, send yourself a copy of the GIF through iMessage, Airdrop, Email and then upload it to your chosen social media.

Guests posing to the GIF Array with props

The Bullet style GIF Booth comes with a gold sparkly background perfect for your Christmas Party! The Photo Booth hire includes a prop box full of traditional props and Christmas props for guests to use making GIFs spectacular!



9. Retro Arcade Games

Retro Arcade Game Hire is always popular for Christmas Party Entertainment. Guests can enjoy playing Classic Retro Games such as Street Fighter and Pac Man, there are 2000 Retro Games to choose from and everyone can get involved playing these Christmas Party Entertainment games.

full image of arcade game

If you have a Retro Christmas Party Theme the games are a perfect choice of Christmas Party Entertainment.


8. LED Pool Table

Everyone loves a game of Pool and Hiring a Pool Table is easy for your Christmas Party Entertainment. Simply rack up the balls and let the came begin!

Pool Table with LED Lighting

Our Pool Table isn’t your standard Pool Table, our table comes with LED lights which look great at Christmas Parties? The LED Pool Table is always a popular Christmas Party Entertainment hire item and the tables get booked up very quickly! There is something about those LED lights that make the Pool Table extra special for your Christmas Parties!


7. LED Foosball Table

Keeping with the LED game hire, next on our Top 10 Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas list is the LED Foosball Tables (Football Table, Table Top Football). Table Top Football is another Table Game that is always popular for Christmas Parties and like our other Table Games our LED Foosball are lit up, making them extra special for your Christmas Parties.


A pair of LED foosball tables with green playing surface selected.

The LED Foosball Tables are usually hired alongside other LED Table Games like our LED Pool Table, making a great package of LED Table Games for your Christmas Party Entertainment.


6. Neuron Race Reaction Game

Making its way in at number 6 on the Top 10 Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas list is the Neuron Race Reaction Game. The Neuron Race is a two player light reaction game, simply press the lit buttons as fast as you can in the game time to beat your opponent and get the best score.

Male and Female competing on the Neuron Race

The Neuron Race hire is a Christmas Party favourite and is popular year after year. If you want to make the Reaction Game extra special, include the LED lit table for the game.


5. Selfie Pod Photo Booth Hire

Another Photo Booth for hire has made it onto our Top 10 Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas, at number 5 is the Selfie Pod Photo Booth. This open air Photo Booth hire includes a gold sparkly background giving it all the glitz and glam you need for your Christmas Party.

Top Ten Christmas Party Ideas 2019

The Selfie Pod Photo Booth is great for Christmas Party Entertainment as it has the option to take both Photos and Videos by simply choosing on the screen. The Selfie Pod Photo Booth comes with the option to print and share photos. There are also sharing options available for photos and videos, you can share via iMessage, Airdrop, Email and then upload to your social media of choice.


4. Cash Grabber Hire/Grab a Grand

The Cash Grabber/Grab a Grand is a token collecting game, perfect for Christmas Party Entertainment. It’s always a popular activity hire for Christmas Parties as it’s an activity that everyone can experience.

Blue LED Cash Grabber with flying tokens

Our Cash Grabber/Grab a Grand game has just had an upgrade to include some fantastic new features. It’s sleeker, stylish and now included LED lights. If you want to know more about our new Grab a Grand Machine hire take a look at the Cash Grabber/Grab a Grand page.


The Cash Grabber/Grab a Grand has lots of different game options that can be played:

  • Grab a Grand – Collect as many tokens as you can in the time limit.
  • Golden Ticket – Add a golden token (or multiple tokens) for instant prize wins.
  • Special offers and vouchers – Include spot prize tokens in the Cash Grabber for instant wins such as a free drink at the bar!


3. LED Air Hockey

Air Hockey is a great Christmas Party Entertainment Idea. Everyone loves the fast pace of the game and the laughter it brings. Our Air Hockey hire isn’t a Standard Air Hockey Table, like all our Table Games for hire the Air Hockey has LED lights on the table making it stand out from the usual Table Games hire options.

Pink and Purple LED Air Hockey Table in Sky Gardens, London

The Air Hockey is a popular table game hire for Christmas Parties.


2. Four Player Race Simulator Hire

There was much discussion around what activity should take second place in the Top 10 Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas list. The Four Player Race Sims for hire won the vote as it was agreed they are perfect for Christmas Parties. The Race Simulators can be enjoyed by everyone and will keep all your Christmas Party guests entertained, they really are a go to activity for hire.

Players racing against each other on the Car Racing Simulators

Simply take a seat in the Race Simulator, make yourself comfy and prepare to race your opponents, it’s the perfect Christmas Party Entertainment Idea.

The Four Car Race Simulators have realistic racing steering, individual HD screens and racing seats making them an authentic Racing Simulator experience perfect for Christmas Parties.


1. Dance Machine Hire

The top spot for the Top 10 Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas has gone to our Dance Machine hire. The Dance Machine was added to our hire range in October and is the perfect Christmas Party Activity!

Top Ten Christmas Party Ideas 2019

The Dance Machine is a two player game. You can go head to head in a dance battle or dance to the track as a single player. The Dance Machine hire has a great selection of tracks available to choose from ranging from pop songs, classics, retro and party favourites. Once you have chosen your dance track each player has the option to choose a difficulty level ranging from easy to expert.


The Dance Machine hire really is a Top Christmas Party Entertainment Idea, everyone can get involved in the game.


There we have our Top 10 Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas ranging from LED Table Games to Dance Machine hire! The list is just our top 10 suggestions but there are lots more Interactive Games and Activities in our product range!


If you would like any more information about our activity hire get in touch with the team and they will be happy to help with Christmas Party Entertainment requirements.