New Activity – Crack the Safe now available for hire!

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New Activity – Crack the Safe now available for hire!

by Lauren Harlin

Crack the Safe is now available for hire! It’s our new Code Breaking Game perfect for Exhibitions, Products Launches, Brand Activations, Corporate Events and parties. This Safe Cracking Game is simple but effective simply guess the correct four digit code to Open the Safe.

New Activity – Crack the Safe now available for hire!

The Perspex Safe box is protected by a secure lock and the code can be chosen by you. The Crack the Safe game is often referred to by different names such as:

  • Crack the Safe
  • Crack The Code
  • Code Breaker
  • Open The Safe


Whatever you call the Safe Cracker hire its perfect for your Corporate Events, Product Promotions, Product Launches, Store OpeningsBrand Activations, Exhibitions and Trade Stands, Shopping Centre Events, Parties and more.


The Safe Cracker hire comes with the Perspex Safe which is completely see through putting the product inside in full view from all angles. The Safe sits on a sleek and stylish stand which is lit up with LED lights, the colour of the light can be chosen so you can ensure it is right for your brand/product.

New Activity – Crack the Safe now available for hire!

The Code breaking game requires a small footprint so it doesn’t take up a lot of space but it is highly visual and intriguing. The Crack the Safe hire is available as standard or as a branded game with your logo/design on the activity.


Activity Branding for Crack the Safe/ Break the Code hire

Activity Branding is important and just like many of our Interactive Games the Crack the Safe/Code Breaker Game is fully brandable making it bespoke and unique for you and your event This Safe Cracking Game sits on a stylish counter which can be fully branded. You can choose from three different branding options when you hire Crack the Safe:

  • Front panel branding only –  perfect for front on views and limited budgets.
  • Three branded sides – perfect if the game is located against a wall and just 3 sides will be seen.
  • All four branded sides – perfect if the game will be visual from all four sides as your brand can be applied and seen from all sides.

Why Hire the Safe Cracking/Code Breaking Game?

If you have a Product Promotion, Product Launch, Brand Activation, Exhibition or Trade Show the Crack the Safe is a visual Interactive Game with fantastic branding opportunities. The Game can be located in a small space which means you can create a great activity for people to engage with in a small footprint which is sometimes important, especially when space is limited.


If you would like more information about Crack the Safe Hire get in touch with the team and they will be happy to advise how the hire of the Safe Cracker could work for you and your event.