Brand New Website Launch

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Brand New Website Launch

by Xtreme Vortex

HAPPY BIRTHDAY – 10 YEARS! – In April 2016, Xtreme Vortex celebrated its 10th Birthday so we blew out the candles on our cake and started thinking. After 10 years in the leisure and event industry we couldn’t help but think it was time to make a few changes and update our clothes. What do I mean by clothes? I mean our image. Most people update their image from time to time, get a new pair of shoes, maybe try a new style of dress etc.

We (Xtreme Vortex) have done this over the years, we tweaked our logo here and there, added some new images to our website etc, but this time it felt like we needed a big change. We wanted a new logo, a new website to match and a fresh image that reflects what we do. Our core values remain the same, just as a person underneath their new clothes remains the same, it’s our image we want to update, not our personality.

With any image change I think you need guidance along the way so we needed to choose a stylist (agency) to work with us. We chose Metalfrog Studios Limited, a digital Marketing agency.

After much though and consideration we established our wish list for our new brand and website.



Our new logo needed to reflect both our professionalism and our fun side. We knew it needed to be different from our previous logo, fresh, bright and recognisable, but we still wanted to it have connections with its routes.Thanks to the design team at Metalfrog Studios Limited.



  • User Friendly – Our website is our shop. It’s where clients and potential clients come to browse our products. The end user should feel welcome, and free to explore and discover what we have on offer. It should be easy to navigate; nothing is worse than going into a shop that you can’t look around properly!
  • Content Management – We update and add new products regularly so it’s important for us to be able to add new products in house. After al,l nobody knows our products better than we do.
  • Mobile Friendly – Everyone uses smart devices to browse the web. We are consumers on the go, we live busy lives and we need to access want we want when we want. Mobile friendly was an essential part of our brief, after all technology and how we browse has come a long way since we started 10 years ago!
  • Event Photos – Pictures, pictures pictures! We want lots of them, Laser Tag, Climbing Wall, branded games and more! Client feedback over the years has bought to out attention that our clients want to see more pictures of our products. It was essential that our new website was designed with images in mind and the ability to add and change images when we need to.


Ready for Launch!

After months of work and an incredibly busy season with summer events our new image and website is ready. We think it looks fabulous and we hope you do too.

Keep up to date with all our updates and blog posts, this might be the first one on our shiny new website but it’s the first of many.