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Giant Scalextric Hire

Scalextric Slot Car Racing for Events Our six car race track is digitally controlled and comes complete with a race screen that displayes lap times. Our Scalextric Track was designed to make sure we could provide an exciting race format … Continue reading

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Batak Reaction Game Hire

Reaction and Speed Game Batak Pro Reaction Game is a challenging, quick paced game perfect for testing your reaction times. The aim of the game is to strike as many of the targets as you can on the Batak Game within your … Continue reading

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Multi Sports Arena

Inflatable Sport Activities Our Inflatable Sports Arena has been designed to offer you a choice of sporting activities all within one arena. With a choice of Bouncy Basketball, Inflatable Beach Volleyball or Bungee Football there is a sporting activity to suit any event. The Inflatable Sports Arena is also perfect if … Continue reading

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Under Pressure

Skill and Reaction Team Game Under Pressure is a challenging and fun game suitable for all ages. The game is played using balls which are floating in the air. The aim is to move the floating balls from one end … Continue reading

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Giant Games

Giant Garden Game Packages Giant Garden Games are perfect for entertaining visitors of all ages at your event. Children and adults love playing with the Giant Garden Games as the whole family have the opportunity to get involved. Our Giant Garden Games collection … Continue reading

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Bouncy Boxing Ring Hire

Boxing Activity Hire Take your place on the Rocking Boxing Ring Podium and battle it out to see who can be the last one standing. Contestants use oversized foam boxing gloves to try and knock their opponent into the inflatable … Continue reading

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Laser Tag Arena Hire

Portable Laser Shooting Game We supply and run a portable laser shooting game called laser tag (similar to laser quest and laser quasar arenas) suitable for many different types of events. If you enjoy excitement and fun, our mobile laser … Continue reading

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Bouncy Basketball Game Hire

Basketball Activity Hire Bouncy Basketball is a fun popular game that is widely played. Our Inflatable Bouncy Basketball is a fun twist on the classic sport of Basketball. Traditionally when plaing Basketball, players dribble the ball on the court but … Continue reading

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Inflatable Beach Volleyball Hire

Fun Inflatable Sporting Activities Inflatable Beach Volleyball hire is one of the fun games that can be played inside our Inflatable Sports Arena. Beach Volleyball is a fun quick paced game and it is traditionally played by two teams of … Continue reading

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Bungee Basketball Game Hire

Fun Inflatable Sporting Activities Bungee Basketball is an adrenaline fueled activity that is fun for both adults and children. We like to do things differently to other operators so have an added feature to our bungee run. To add to the … Continue reading

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