Mobile Bouldering Wall

Please note unfortunately our mobile bouldering wall is not longer available for hire however our Mobile Climbing Wall is still available for hire


Mobile Bouldering Wall activity hire for rock climbing or portable traversing

Mobile Bouldering Wall (Traversing Wall)

With 70m2 of exciting and challenging bouldering surface, The Mobile Bouldering Wall is perfect for any event!!! Due to the size of the mobile bouldering wall, it is possible to achieve a high throughput of climbers at any event.

Bouldering (also referred to as traversing) is a style of rock climbing which is increasing in popularity. The concept of mobile bouldering wall, is that climbers are not trying to reach a great height, but are trying to negotiate a path across the wall through different panels and large overhangs. Bouldering focuses on individual moves, or a sequence of moves that a participant must complete in order to reach their chosen goal.

Climbers or Boulderers climbing on the mobile bouldering wall activity hire

The Mobile Bouldering Wall stands an impressive 3 metres in height and certainly looks amazing at any event. Bouldering is the perfect way of experiencing climbing without having to reach great heights as all participants are restricted to a reasonable foot height of 1.5 metres.

The Mobile Bouldering Wall works well as an activity on its own, but can also be used to provide a complete rock climbing experience alongside the 7m high mobile rock climbing wall. The bouldering wall is perfect for any event, whether it is required for corporate team building, a family fun day or educational experiences within a school.

Mobile rock climber on portable bouldering wall equipment and traversing tower


Standing an impressive 3 metres in height, the bouldering wall looks remarkable. The wall consists of four rock climbing sides to allow climbers to boulder successfully completely around the wall. The length of the bouldering wall is 9 metres, providing 70m2 of wall to boulder around, however if space is limited, it is possible to shorten the wall to allow it to be used in a limited space.

The Bouldering Wall can be used both indoors and outdoors making it suitable for many different locations and events. It can be set up on a variety of surfaces, both hard standing and grass. For the comfort of all users, a full skirt of safety mats which have an approved critical height fall are used.

Harnesses and helmets are not required for the Mobile Bouldering Wall, so climbing can begin instantly! Although helmets are not required, we do provide these for any participants who do wish to wear one.

Bouldering Wall with plenty of rock climbers enjoying the rock wall equipment


We know at some events, branding is important, that’s why it is possible to apply your branding to our Bouldering Wall as well as our other activities. We can attach banners onto the top of the Bouldering Wall or onto our fencing, or even totally customise the crash mats around the bouldering wall. If you wish to customise our Bouldering Wall, please contact us to help us promote your company, product or event.

Mobile Bouldering Wall Specification

Age Range: Children – Adults (users must be competent to climb unaided)
Max Number of users: up to 14 users at one time
Equipment Dimension: 30ft x 7ft x 10ft (9m x 2m x 3m high )
Area Required: 50ft x 23 ft x 13ft (15m x 7m x 4m)
Suitable Venue: Indoors – Yes (providing good access) | Outdoors – Yes
Power Supply: None required.

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