Laser Shooting Birthday Party Packages

Mobile Laser tag arena for hire or rental. Laser shooting game in an inflatable laser dome or laser maze

Unusual Party Ideas

Our inflatable laser shooting game is perfect for birthday parties for both boys and girls of all ages. Our Inflatable Laser Tag Shooting Game is available for hire all year round from 7th birthdays and above. Please note all children must be over the age of six to participate in the Laser Tag. Our Laser Tag Birthday Parties are very popular and are a hit with children, teenagers and adults.

Throughout your birthday party we will play a variety of games, both solo and team games. For the duration of your birthday party the Laser Tag Shooting Game will be supervised by our staff so we ensure the Laser Tag is run smoothly and safely. For more information visit our laser tag page.

Laser shooting or laser tag birthday parties in an inflatable laser arena in Kent, London, Sussex, Surrey, Suffolk, Essex and the South east.

Whether it’s for an 8th or 18th birthday party, our laser shooting game is perfect for kids, teenagers and even adults. If you are considering hiring us for a laser birthday party, please choose from one of the following laser tag party packages.

Are you looking for something extra for your Laser Tag Birthday Party? Why not consider adding our Moon Bouncer, Bungee Run or other activity to your party to entertain your guests?

Laser Tag Party Packages

Bronze Package Silver Package Gold Package
Choice of Indoor/Outdoor Laser Tag Arena  Included  Included Included
Equipment run by two operators*  Included  Included Included
10 x Laser guns  Included  Included  Included
Themed Laser Birthday Invites  Included  Included Included
Individual Scorecards  Included  Included  Included
Highest Scorer Certificate  Included  Included  Included
Xtreme Bounce – Moon Bouncer  Optional  Included Included
Helium Balloon Kit for 50 Balloons  Optional  Optional  Included
Inflatable Buzz the Alien  Optional  Optional  Included

* Our laser tag equipment is run for the duration of the event by two operators to ensure safe use of the equipment, however, responsible adult supervision is also required for the party.


If you do not have enough room for us to come to your venue, why not consider speaking to local schools or sports grounds to enquire about using their field and facilities for a few hours. Alternatively why not consider hiring The Vortex Evolution which can be used inside a small halls such as a church or village hall. If you are still stuck for ideas why not ask us for more suggestions.


The weather in Britain is never reliable, however, we can operate in most weather conditions except high winds and extreme rain. Alternatively if you do not want the rain to dampen your spirits, why not hold your event indoors where we can operate whatever the weather.

These laser shooting birthday parties are also referred to as laser quest, quasar, q-2000, Hanger 51 or laser storm. If you are looking for an unusual or different birthday party idea that is unique, why not consider a laser shooting birthday party or a mobile rock climbing party. All of our birthday parties are brought to your home or a location of your choice, set up and operated by one of our trained operators. If you are looking for birthday party ideas for kids, teenagers or adults, consider one of our birthday party ideas. If you are interested in a themed birthday party such as a space theme party or an alien theme party, ask us for ideas of how we can cater for your party. It does not have to be someone’s birthday to have an Xtreme Vortex party, we can also attend Christmas parties for children or adults and even create a fun corporate party for companies throughout the year.

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