Laser Gun Information - Hire and rental

Laser gun hire for ultimate laser tag game experience for a mobile laser tag arena

Laser Gun Hire

Our laser tag system consists of ten state of the art laser guns for use in one of our laser tag arena’s (it is not possible to use the guns in wooded areas or outside of one of our arenas). Our laser guns are designed to be used with a safe two handle grip, with a realistic weight balance. A shoulder strap is attached to all laser guns for ease of use and to aid players. The laser guns are robust and offer an exciting experience to all users.

Laser Shooting gun hire for ultimate laser tag game experience for a mobile laser tag arena
With the facility to programme each laser gun to a selected game duration, gun colour (red or green) and skill level, it is possible to play many different game scenarios. It is possible to play solo games where participants can shoot any player, or create two teams to enhance teamwork. There is also the option to play skill games where the guns can be programmed with limited lives and/or shots.

Real time scoring can be seen on the clear display on the gun, enabling the player to be aware of their progress throughout the game. Verbal instructions and game status are also reported throughout game play. The laser guns are fitted with a rumble feature and when a player is hit, the gun will rumble to indicate this. The laser gun will be momentarily immobilised from game play, therefore the player cannot shoot, or be shot allowing the participant time to find another hiding place.

Once the game is over, participants are presented with their score from the game and team scores can also be calculated. It is also possible to provide a detailed analysis of the game through printed scorecards or group scores to be displayed on a monitor, if requested.

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