Inflatable Mobile Laser Tag Arena

Mobile Laser Tag Inflatable Outdoor Arena Dimensions

Can you handle The Vortex?

The Vortex Arena, mobile laser tag game is perfect for any event and is a fun place to be! With plenty of hiding places you can track down and tag your opponents gun with the laser beam from your gun, but watch out they could be tracking you down to tag you! The mobile laser tag arena (similar to laser bug, laser storm and quasar arena) consists of nine interlinking tunnels which can be filled with fog and lighting effects to create a very fun and exciting atmosphere.

Inflatable Laser tag bunkers for hire. Indoor laser tag arena rentals.

The Vortex, mobile laser tag game can be inflated on a flat grass surface and can be used all year round. It requires a substantial area to be operated. Please remember that good access is required for set up, as some of the equipment weighs in excess of 200kg.

If you feel that The Vortex may not fit in the venue you initially had in mind, why not consider The Vortex Evolution which consists of inflatable objects we can use to create a laser tag arena out the space we are provided with.

Inflatable Laser tag shooting arena hire

Please note that our inflatable mobile laser tag arena is the full sized state of the art laser storm arena with 10 laser guns and not the smaller mobile laser bug which only caters for six participants. The inflatable alien is a separate inflatable which can be added onto the laser tag arena if space is available.

Our Mobile laser tag arena is also referred to as a mobile laser maze, mobile laser dome, mobile laser arena, inflatable quasar, laserstorm, hangar51, laser shooting, laser game, mobile pulsar, mobile quasar and laser quest. Our mobile laser tag inflatable game is available for hire and rental today. Enjoy our fun and safe Hangar51 Laser Storm and Big Giant Green Inflatable Alien.

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