Buzz the 25ft Inflatable Green Alien

Laser shooting game with inflatable green alien effect

Meet Buzz The Alien?

Are you looking for that extra something for your event to get you noticed and draw the crowds in? Our inflatable alien called ‘Buzz’ is a natural crowd puller and creates a perfect centre piece for any event. With the alien being an incredible 25ft tall, people will take notice and soon begin to investigate the event and activities.

Buzz is a separate section of the inflatable Vortex Arena and is an optional extra to enhance the look of the arena. However due to the nature and height of Buzz, it is not possible to inflate the alien during strong or gusting winds. Below you can see how Buzz can stand out from the crown amongst thousands of visitors to an event.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

Big Green Inflatable Alien on top of laser tag arena

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