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We have a wide variety of activities and inflatables available for hire all year round so your event and can take place at any time of year. All activities and inflatables can be used outdoors and many of the activities and inflatables can be used indoors too. The activities and inflatables can be used for a variety of events, product promotions, fun days and occasions. Whatever your reason for requiring an activity hire we have a wide choice of equipment for you to choose from.

If an activity or inflatable is not in the list below and you would like to have this at your event, then please contact us to discuss this and we may be able to supply you with other activities. The activities we can provide include:

Batak Reaction Game

Batak Reaction Game HireBatak Reaction Game is a challenging, quick paced game perfect testing your reaction times while having fun. The exciting game consists of twelve LED lights that light up one at a time. The aim of the game is to hit as many of the lights as you can within your allotted time and try not to miss any of the targets.

For more information on this activity, visit the Batak Hire page

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Mobile Bouldering Wall

Mobile Bouldering WallOur Mobile Bouldering Wall (traversing wall) is an all ability Bouldering Wall, providing an adrenalin fueled experience of Rock Climbing without having to reach great heights. The Mobile Bouldering Wall provides 70m2 of exciting and challenging climbing for both experienced rock climbers and those with little or no rock climbing experience. The bouldering Wall can be used by up to 14 people at one time and climbers can climb the whole way around the Wall from their start point to their finish point.

For more information on this activity, visit the Mobile Bouldering Wall page

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Giant Garden Games

Giant Garden Games HireOur Giant Garden Games are perfect for any event as they are suitable for all ages. The Garden Games include Giant JengaGiant Connect 4(Mega 4 in a line) and Giant Noughts and Crosses. Children and adults love playing with the Giant Garden Games as the whole family have the opportunity to get involved.

For more information on this activity, visit the Giant Garden Games Hire page

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Mobile Rock Climbing Tower

Mobile Rock Climbing TowerOur Portable Rock Climbing Tower is an all ability Climbing Wall, providing routes for both experienced climbers and those with no or little rock climbing experience. The Mobile Rock Climbing Tower can be used by four rock climbers at one time. Our Rock Climbing Tower has a combination of grit and granite climbing holds to offer a truely realistic experience of Rock Climbing. It uses hydraulic auto belays to safely control the descent of the rock climber and is an impressive 8m in height, so it is sure to pull in a crowd.

For more information on this activity, visit the Mobile Rock Climbing Tower page.

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Pub Games Activity Hire

Pub games including table football, pool, table tennis and buzz wirePub games are a popular form of entertainment for evening events and parties. Hire activities such as table football, buzz wire, American pool, table tennis and many more. All of these activities are perfect for indoor venues, especially when space is limited.

For more information on this activity, visit the Pub Games page

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Scalextric Hire

Scalextric racing game hireGiant Scalextric is a perfect activity for all ages. Scalextric has come a long way and with the introduction of Digital Scalextric. This Scalextric track allows up to six slot cars to race at one time on our multi lane racing circuit which is complete with pit lane. With fully computerised scoreboard and race control, many different game scenarios can be played and player must ensure they take a pit stop before they run out of fuel.

For more information on this activity, visit the Scalextric Hire page

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Team Building Games

Team Building Games Hire

Team Building is a vital component for any event. All of our activities can be used for team building events but we also have a collection of bespoke team building games and activities available for your event. Choose from puzzles such as Soma Cube or Tangram Multi Solution Puzzle.

For more information on this activity, visit the Team Building Games page

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